East Coast with Daughter Karly

Just outside of St. John’s, Newfoundland – in a fishing village.

When the daughters were in grades one or two or 3 I promised each I would take them on a “Dad Daughter” trip when they graduated.   Catherine and I went to Panama a few years ago.   Karly and I looked at a few areas of the world that we hadn’t visited.  Karly was quite keen on PEI. I was keen on Newfoundland.

We spent 2 weeks on the road.  4 nights in Newfoundland,  3 nights in the Halifax area and a week on PEI.    It was a terrific trip.  Karly said she really enjoyed Newfoundland.   Our hosts were a fellow Governor, Tom and Shirley.  They were terrific!   We loved Newfoundland.  Halifax was fun, too.   I loved PEI.   The weather was terrific,  Charlottetown was beautiful.  We had a quaint hotel.   Loved it.  Perfect for power walking.

Karly and I reading on the bench overlooking a bay in Charlottetown

I really enjoyed my time with Karly.  I found out Karly is a great traveler.  Not a surprise after living in Japan and Brazil I guess.   She also has a great sense of humour.  She isn’t a spender nor extravagant person.  She carries herself well with people she meets.  She is easy to please and not fussy.. is not worried about souvenirs, and is a very gracious person.  She is a joy to travel with and I am so proud to call her my daughter.  I really enjoyed the time with Karly.

This fall Karly is off to University of Victoria, BC.  She will take sciences with a minor in Asian studies.  She wants to keep up her Japanese and learn more about the culture and language.  Who knows where that will take her. I am confident it will be positive and unique. For Karly this is a very exciting time of life, it was  wonderful to share two weeks together at this juncture.

So many years ago we non-nonchalantly said “When you girls graduate we will do a journey together, just Dad and Daughter.”   That seems so long ago, but I sure am glad we dreamed about if for all those years and did it.  I learned so much about Karly and a few years ago Catherine.  Where ever life takes us we will always have these memories and I will always have so much more knowledge about my two lovely daughters.

Karly in front of the home that inspired the author of “Anne of Green Gables”


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