Thailand. Land of a thousand smiles

As seen from the tuk tuk we often hired in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  these were fun.

As seen from the tuk tuk we often hired in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These were fun.

The best part about Thailand – the people. By far.   The Thai people are very warm,wonderful people.   It’s hard to describe.  Maybe it’s the Buddhism lifestyle and way of life.

Jan and I spent 2 weeks in Thailand during the Rotary International convention in Bangkok.    We really enjoyed Chiang Mai, a city of 250,000 north of Bangkok.

Bangkok was hot, sticky, crowded, noisy, busy.  It was also exciting, a lot of fun, great shopping,  fascinating,  mind expanding, educational.

Chiang Mai and area was peaceful for sure.


Top thoughts on Thailand.

  • The Buddhism way of life is fascinating.  Monks, temples, respect,  peace.
  • Sure is cheap there.  Bought a custom fitted blazer for 10o Canadian.  Meals are inexpensive.  Cab rides are $4.00.
  • It’s not easy getting used to paying five thousand baht’s for something.  You think “OMG that is a lot of…….” then you figure it out.   5,000 is one hundred and sixty six dollars Canadian.
  • In both cities we rarely heard sirens or saw police.  We always felt safe.
  • A hot, dusty, bumpy ride.

    On a 40 degree day an elephant ride may not be the most comfortable activity.

  • We never paid for the same amount for the exact same cab ride more than once.
  • Tuk tuk rides are a hoot.
  • I did not know there was so many foods I could not recognize.
  • Flying in Thailand is far more civilized.
  • I thought I knew what hot was.  I didn’t till I went to Thailand.
  • Jan and I did many massages.   They jump right up on top of you.  Fun for $4.00 CDN.
  • We will be back for sure.  Thailand,  Asia, Korea…  we will.  Absolutely.  Okay Japan, too.  What a bucket list.


Ready to sing at any lounge with my new jacket. Or sell homes for Century 21.

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the tallest building in Thailand. We were at floor 54. I think we were upgraded, what a veranda! We hosted a few parties in this room.











We did a tour of Bangkok on a very, very hot day. Quite interesting. Jan really enjoyed it. Did I mention it was hot? This was a temple.  Amazing, really.

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