30+ Years Ago On The Air. And 2 Coincidences.

A few weeks ago I was reading the newspaper and there was an obit for Corinne Deshaw.  Regrettably,  I haven’t spoken with Corinne for years but knew instantly it was her, a colleague from my broadcasting career.  Corinne did the traffic reports, news and co-hosting with me on a radio station in St. Albert, a suburb of Edmonton.  CKST or “1070 Gold” was a classic oldies station, and my first major league gig.  Unfortunately I lost track of Corinne over the years and did not stay in touch, but I sure thought it was a coincidence that here I was living in Victoria reading about the passing of a colleague who had many family ties here on Vancouver Island.   The 2nd coincidence though, was today when I came across an online audio file of the morning show on a website that appears to track broadcasting in Western Canada.  It popped up on my SoundCloud,  an app I use for podcast listening.  It was me – and Corinne – in 1988 – on the air.   I have pretty well zero tapes left from the old radio days – so it was quite a walk down memory lane listening to the 12 minutes or so of “cut ins”.  The trip down memory lane was made all that much more special knowing I came across this audio just weeks after the passing of Corinne.  I shared the link with her family members.  I hope it’s as special for them as it as it was for me today.  Maybe even more meaningful.  Click below for a few ditties from my (our) morning show in 1988.    Reading of Corinne’s passing in the newspaper,  I note she two children that would be slightly younger than ours.   In other words, born well after the days of 1070 Gold.   May this audio recording add another piece to the families’ memories of Corinne.

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