Saying goodbye to a comfortable friend

Cozy, reading the Victoria Times Colonist.

Damn, it’s harder than I thought it would be. I guess saying goodbye is never easy. I’m not sure how long I had this sweater but it was a favourite. It was just the perfect weight. Not too thick so it was too warm. Just light enough to have something on my arms. A year ago I had Jan sew up the armpit, good as new. Recently it was showing it’s age. Wearing and fraying and a little impossible to clean, it was time. You’d think it would be easy to replace it, but no. For months we looked. It isn’t easy finding a perfect weight cardigan. Every time we went in a store. I looked all spring.. through the summer and even fall. When fall arrived I though it would be snap. Still, nothing lived up to the perfection of my old sweater. We had been through a lot, really. I think I’ve had it for 3 or 5 years. That’s a lot of wear. A lot of time at home and travelling. When I bought it COVID didn’t exist. Imagine how many Netflix movies I watched in it. Or how many newspapers I enjoyed in it. The weight of it was perfect to go under my various jackets so I wore it out a lot. Finally though I found a few new options at The Bay. I bought a couple. One similar weight. So I think I can do it. I can say goodbye. Soon. Yes, maybe today. After all I have new sweaters to be comfortable in. Still, it’s not easy saying goodbye to an old, comfortable friend.


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2 responses to “Saying goodbye to a comfortable friend

  1. Loved your sweater story Kevin. Rest In Peace old Pal.

  2. Great thoughts Kevin. Pleased you were finally able to update the old cardigan. I am still wearing mine. Not quite ready for the exchange yet.

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