Happy Bidet!

When COVID started I installed a bidet. All that talk of toilet paper shortages got me thinking about it. I had experienced a bidet a few times in Europe and Japan. I always thought it would be a good idea. So I researched and ended up with a Washlet by Toto. Our condo has newer Toto brand toilets. The Washlet is the “lid” part that you install after you remove the existing lid seat. It fit our toilet perfect. I got talking to someone else this week I recommended it to and they told me they LOVE their new bidet, too. And like me, I mean they LOVE IT. The exact model I bought is here and certainly not one of the cheaper ones. But worth every cent. Toto has a fun video about bidets. And a video about how our specific model works. When I bought the bidet it was right when I sold the company in Alberta. I thought to myself “This is a gift to me for all those hard years of work in Alberta. Thanks, Alberta! I’ll always remember this.”.

Bidets are a funny thing. People look at you kind of weird when you bring them up. I’ve often mentioned renovation projects and no one bats an eye. “I installed a new closet door”. or “We painted the walls”. Nothing. Even “Wired in a new light switch”. But mention “I installed a bidet and wow do I love it” and people look at you like you are the only one in the world who would ever think of needing or installing a bidet. And – there’s so much to talk about. How you can set the temperature of the water and the air dryer. The pressure of the wash. The two wash settings. His n hers settings. The lid that auto lifts when you approach it. Remote, lighting, pre and post wash, you name it, it has it.

Your tush will thank you.

To install the bidet I had to bring in some wiring which wasn’t too difficult (to heat the water) and some minor plumbing.

Now that the pandemic is easing and life is back to normal, I look back at my purchase and think “That was one of my better investments”. When I travel, I miss it. If we ever move, it’s coming with us! There’s something magical about a toilet seat that auto lifts when you walk in the room. It’s sort of a “The Angels Are Singing” feeling when it welcomes you into the room.

If you’ve ever wondered about getting a bidet, there are an immense amount of models and styles and prices and features and benefits. We purchased a high end product and have never looked back, pardon the pun. I love my bidet.

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