From Japan to Canada

4 Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Koriyama South, Fukushima Japan attended the Rotary District 5370 Conference. Here with Karly are her Japanese families along with her (real) Grandpa Elmer and family. Missing from the photo is her Grandma Nici who also attended

The Rotary District 5370 Conference was even more special because Karly’s host families and friends from Japan visited.   Karly flew in from University of Victoria to reunite with a host dad and 2 host moms from Japan as well as Jean-Pascal, another member of the club active in the youth exchange program.   This was the first time Karly was  reunited with her Japanese families since the earthquake, so it was quite the weekend.   We had them all over for brunch and were honoured with a tea ceremony by Mrs. Kihara.  Mr. Kihara and Mrs. Honda  and Jean Pascal also took part in the tea ceremony.

Before they left Jean Pascal gave me a document from the Rotary Governor from their District 2530.   It really moved me and made me think about how life must be in that area after the earthquake and nuclear disaster.    Life goes on for us.  A different story for them.  Governor Ito’s words are HERE

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