It Never Hurts To Ask

We are at a hotel in St. Adele, Quebec,  north of Montreal in the hills.  It’s an older ski lodge.   Quite nice.   Jan and I found our room on the older end of the hotel, no view.. and a  little small.   I asked the front desk if we could move as we are here for 3 nights, and she said “We have a large group,  so we don’t really have any other rooms suitable for you”.   Later that day I bumped into the General Manager of the hotel.  We had a great chat.  He was new to the place.  We swapped a few ideas, we talked a bit about Rotary.  He ended with “If there is anything I can do to  make your stay more enjoyable, please ask”.  I left and sat down with Jan and thought “Surely he meant it”.  Later I saw him and said “I know you are working to ensure your guests are comfortable as possible right?”   He replied, “Yes of course”.   “Could you find me a different room?”   He said “I will do my best.  We have some beautiful rooms.”  A few hours later we got a call and moved to a room with an adjoining living room suite/kitchen, and a view of the lake with 2 decks.   It doesn’t hurt to ask.  It doesn’t hurt to take peoples offers up.

Another trail system that used to be a railroad track.  These are the best!We are in Quebec for a bit of business, some fun and tomorrow we see Catherine in Montreal.   Today turned very sunny and beautiful .  As always we looked for hiking and found some great trails reclaimed from old railroad tracks.

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