A Day at Old Bezanson

Jan and I went to a Rotary campout BBQ this weekend at the Old Bezanson Townsite.  It overlooks a valley just 30 k’s East of Grande Prairie.   Not only did we have some fun – but the fall colours were breathtaking.  We did some cycling nearby, then went for a steak with the gang at the campsite.  It was almost hard to believe we were standing in front of this valley of colours.  I just had the cell phone camera with me but snapped a few pictures.  The weather has been calm and abnormally warm.  It was 22 degrees when we got there.  A great afternoon.

The Old Bezanson Townsite marks the original town site until 1914 when the railroad came through and decided to go 10 km’s north.  So the town moved.  All that remains are a few markers of where town buildings were, a campsite, and a beautiful view.

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