Dead Mule Dear, 50 Year Old Bridge, Poland and Brazil.

Our Inbound Rotary exchange student from Poland, Alex – is here and doing swell.   As I am his counselor, Jan and I host for a week or so before he goes to his first family.  He will live with 4 families through the school year.   Today we took Alex an hour north to Dunvegan – home of Canada’s 4th longest suspension bridge.  The bridge turned 50 years old this month.   We also had Ana come along.  Ana is the inbound exchange student from the Tuesday Rotary Club and is from Brazil.   Both students will be here for the school year.

An interesting moment was when we ran into some hunters at the gas station.  They were dressed in camouflage.  Ana was quite stunned to see a mule deer sticking out the back of the truck.   I guess when you live in Canada you don’t think of it much eh ? It was a sunny day and it’s always fun to see the area through the eyes of people from other countries.

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