Rotary Youth Exchange Outbound BBQ

We hosted the Youth Exchange Outbound BBQ for 6 outbounds from our area.  (The other BBQ was in Edmonton)  Here the outbounds told us about their country, what they have learned about it so far, and their thoughts on their upcoming journey.   They also had a bit of an assignment they reported on as well.  We had a nice BBQ and then the outbounds were presented with their blazers.

The Youth Exchange blazer is what they wear when they travel, and attend events.   It was pretty exciting to see them all receive them.  Through their year the tradition is to collect and trade pins and dress them up.  Whether they are going to Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, Slovakia or Belgium – they will certainly stand out.  The Canadian blazer of course is red.

We hosted because Karly is an outbound and of course we are a Rotary family.

Karly gives the thumbs up after receiving her blazer

The Youth exchange students depart in August for the school year, returning next July.

Here is Karly with her sister Catherine with HER red blazer from her exchange in Brazil last year.

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