Annual Father Son Daughter Campout

Early Saturday morning at Two Lakes

We could only go one night for the annual Father Son Daughter Campout.  The kids have been going since Catherine was 3!  The campground is in the mountains 2 hours from Grande Prairie at Two Lakes.   We had 2 tents. Once again there was around 80 kids and 50 dads or so.  We just went from Friday evening to Saturday AM as Karly had a BBQ to host at our house   for outgoing Rotary Youth Exchange Students from our region.

Catherine and I got up early Saturday and went for a nice stroll

One of the highlights was seeing a moose with her two babies.  I took some pictures.  I got out of the car and took a few more a  little closer until I realized it probably wasn’t a good idea to be poking around in the bush with a  7 foot tall moose and her babies.  We arrived Friday around 5:30 PM and left Saturday AM at 9 AM for the BBQ, but had a fun evening and continued the tradition of  attending the Father Son Daughter Campout.

( Click on the photo to enlarge) It's not every day you see a moose with her two babies. There they are sipping water from the lake.

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