Lovin’ The New Bikes

Kev's New Trek


Jan and I are just loving the new Trek bikes.  These are the 2010 Trek FX models.  They advertise “Ride Longer” . They are designed for pavement, recreation, and excercise.  Compared to the old Giant mountain bikes, they are much smoother on pavement and an easier gliding machine.  They do however have skinnier tires and hence that means you feel the bumps more, and a little less secure on gravel.  But we love how more efficient they are, and how much smoother they operate.  The gears are easier to change, more variety of gears, and an aggressive braking system.  Jan and I love loading them on the roof and going somewhere different for a ride.  There is a cool video here.    This summer Jan and I plan to take them to Victoria!  Wahoooooooooo!


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2 responses to “Lovin’ The New Bikes

  1. Bill

    I did not see the bike trip that you referred to, but I did enjoy your blogsite!

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