Canada’s Greatest Hat Shop


A stylish Goorin Bros. hat

I was at my favorite hat store in the world this week – Roberta’s Hats – on Douglas Street, Victoria, BC. There are many reasons I love them.  Here is another example of the excellent staff they have.   I walked in with a cup of coffee and I saw that sign that said “No drinks please”.  I thought “Oh gawd they’ll probably ask me to drink it outside”.   I actually sat it on their counter and said “Could you take care of this?’ .   “Of course”, they said.   I looked at hats for a bit and found my second Goorin Bros. hat.  Quite like it.   I took it to the till and the staff looked at my current hat (A dressier winter felt hat I quite like).   They immediately took some packing tape,  turned it backwards and dabbed my old hat to remove any lint or dust on it.   I guess they figure, this being a hat store – you can’t go wrong treating a customers’ hat well!   Gosh that was nice.  So I said “Gee you should put a new feather on it!”  And she grabbed a new red and blue feather set for the brim.  Truth be told I bought this hat from them a year or two ago.   I don’t know if they knew that or cared, they were just making their customer feel special.   I paid for my new hat and was about to go before she said “Oh, want me to top up your coffee?”  Wow.  Icing on the cake.   In this age of non-existent customer service why is some people like this hat shop just “get it” so well ?       So natural at it!  That’s why I say they are Canada’s Greatest Hat Shop.


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