How many 47 year olds can visit with their Grandma?

Left to right, rear: My lovely wife Jan, Karly, Catherine me. Then Grandma and my Ma.

We had a nice BBQ party at my Mom’s house in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan.  In part it was a going away party for Karly – who leaves for Japan for a year August 14.  Lots of relatives,  dad was there, and my Grandma.  Grandma Stasiuk lives in the middle of the Old Country, in Melfort.  She came with my Aunt Carrie and her husband Henry.  Grandma, who is 90 this fall, was in good spirits.  She stayed for 3 hours or so before they headed back for the 90 minute drive home.  Sure was special to have her.  We had the usual sausage and burgers and salads.  Mom did a great job hosting, ol Dad was a fine BBQ’er.  The relatives were great, the going away cake was special, but one of the nicest parts – was having Grandma there.

The cake was pretty special, though.  See below.  Click on the image to enlarge.

Karly's special cake!

Karly's special cake!

For a full family pic…  Mom must have taken the pic.  Here's most of the gang.

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