A weekend in the Old Country

One hour outside of Saskatoon. This is where my great-grandparents immigrated to from Germany and Ukraine areas. Here we are in a famers field. Tractor in the background.

We are enjoying a long weekend in the next province, Saskatchewan, or as we lovingly refer to it – the “Old Country”.  We drove 1000 KM’s yesterday to Saskatoon.  Had supper with relatives and stayed at Dad’s (Elmer’s).  Had a great breakfast with Elmer and Roseanne.  Today it’s Melfort, Jan’s mom and my Grandma live there. It’s about 24 degrees at 10 AM which is very very warm for our family.  The high is 30 degrees!  Wow!  Here in Saskatchewan its farms as far as the eye can see. The weather is very hot.  They have had a wet summer so lots of water in the fields.  This is the last time Karly can visit everyone before she leaves for Japan for a year.  Catherine is also enjoying her days before she heads back to Montreal for Uni in August.   Tomorrow we go to my mom’s for a family get together, then back home Monday.  Typical Canadian long weekend.  Driving.  Fun though to see and visit with everyone.

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