A road trip to my past.

In the very clean kitchen of Nic and Vivian. Great cake, too!


My Grandma told me a few weeks ago about Nic.  Nic lives in Lloydminster, and is the last surviving brother of my Grandpa Steve.  At one time there was 15 kids.  Now there is only Nic.  I haf kind of forgotten about my Great Uncle.  I haven’t seen them since the mid 80’s.  Wow, the last surviving sibling of Grandpa.  So, I called them.  Vivian was quite chipper.  Eager to chat.  Then – we visited.  We drove through Lloyd at Easter so we popped in.  It was great.  Nic had the same mannerisms of Grandpa.  His home and yard showed he has the same pride and work ethic as Grandpa.  I asked him who took care of his yard…  he said “I wouldn’t let anyone touch it”.  Just like Grandpa.    Well after all these years it sure was a pleasure.  An honour. 


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