I went to a funeral today

I went to a funeral of a very special man today.   He was 75.   I didn’t know him all that well other than in passing at functions.  I know his family better.  It was obvious from the crowd he had many friends.  He was in several service groups in the past – including Rotary.  The talks we heard at the funeral made it obvious he was a man full of life and community.  Some times you wonder if you should go to a funeral.  You may only know the person a bit,  you know their family or friends better.  I am glad I went.  It was nice taking a  quiet moment to hear about the life and times of such a dynamic community member.   In the end I was glad I was there to learn more about this gentleman and his family.  By the looks of things I wasn’t the only one left thinking that as sad as it is to lose someone,  what an honour it is to be able to participate in a salute to his life, times and family.

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