Kevin visits the Hockey Hall of Fame

Yes THE Stanley Cup!


They had a room set up to look like a Canadians dressing room. Memories.


I was in Toronto last week and did some business and was about to leave.  Then I thought “What the heck, I rarely come here..” So I drove near the Hockey Hall of Fame and walked on over.  It was $15.00 and I was in. I’m not much of a follower of hockey any longer – but like most young boys – I did years ago.  I played and reffed hockey through grade school.  I watched the playoffs with great interest.  So to see this shrine was very cool.  Moving in fact.  The Vezina trophy with all those names on it, the Stanley Cup,  old uniforms.  Very cool.  You know, I could see grown men getting quite emotional in a place like that.   Hard to believe it has been all those years since I played hockey outdoors on the community rinks in Brandon.  Up early, out in the dark, thawing hands and feet..  Weekends we watched the NHL on TV and cheered on the likes of the people in this room.   A fun afternoon.

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