Kindle has changed my life.

The Kindle. Light, portable, very easy on the eyes to read.


I love my Kindle.  

Thinking of a E Reader book? Run, don’t walk.   

I took mine to New Zealand – I was hiking with Jan in a forest.  We stopped to read.  I read the National Post.  There was a review of a book that looked promising.  With Amazon you can download samples of books, the first few paragraphs – free.  So I found the book on Amazon, downloaded it right there.  Amazing.  In a forest in New Zealand,  reading the days’ newspaper from home, finding a book of interest – owning it 60 seconds later! Today back home I subscribe to the Globe and Mail.   Love to read it on the treadmill.  So by 7 AM I can be exercised, and a good start on the days’ Globe!  Love it!    

Relaxing in Mangonui New Zealand, with my Kindle.

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