Selling Our Home of 20+ Years. Sellers Remorse?

sold-jason-scott-picSeptember 1, 2016 it was official.  Our home of over 20 years was sold and gone.  Jan and I moved into a rental apartment.   When it comes up in conversation we get a lot of interesting comments, looks and questions.  Now that it’s a few months we can look back and think “Wow,  did we just make one heck of a mistake?”  Most of the comments are of the nature of “OMG how could you sell your home? ” or “How did you go from  a two level home to an apartment?”  or “Do you miss your home? ”   Some are stunned.  Some slightly envious.  Some think we’re nuts.    Fact of the matter is our long-term plans include spending more time away, and some day relocating.  We also know it’s doubtful the daughters will ever be back here to live,  and we don’t have further family in this region.    While the market is soft,  we thought we would list and sell  and move forward.    Do we regret the sell of the home we built 23 years ago?  The only home our two daughters lived in within their memory?  Do we miss the comforts that ownership brings?  The privacy?  The “prestige” home ownership gives compared to renting in some people’s minds?    I’m quite surprised at how both Jan and I feel.   We don’t!  It’s been far easier than anticipated.   We don’t yearn for our old home. We do not have sellers remorse. We’re excited to move forward with our life.   And there are positives aplenty.   We feel good we are living with a smaller environmental footprint.  We sold/gave away so much stuff we definitely feel lighter in many ways.    Moving from 2400 square feet to 1050 has simplified our lives immensely.    We’re excited to look forward.  And when we look forward we see a simpler life somewhere a bit warmer.  This was a huge step.   Of course there are negatives.   We don’t have covered parking.  We take stairs up 3 flights as the elevator is slow.  But we have a top floor suite that gives us privacy and comfort.  The slow economy here means renting is affordable, in fact by the time we add up utilities, insurance, property taxes and a few hundred bucks a  month we budgeted or maintenance at the old home,  we are breaking even renting.     Do we have sellers remorse?  Not a chance.  Onward!

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