Iceland With My Daughters

IMG_20150705_150205Time slips by and I figured I’d like to do a trip with the daughters.  This after Momma and the daughters went to Portugal.  I suggested to the girls northern Canada,  then came up with the idea of Iceland.  There are direct flights from Edmonton now.  Once mentioned everyone was pretty excited.  We went early July, 2015.  It was very special for several reasons.  First,  time with the two daughters.  Very nice.  With Karly in Calgary and Catherine Montreal and soon to be Holland it was an opportunity.  Iceland and it’s near 24 hour day time meant a very unique experience.  Iceland was fantastic.  I would highly recommend it.  We did Air BnB (Good work, Karly!) so stayed in homes similar to B and B.  The capital was very walkable.  We enjoyed learning the history of this unique land.  The weather was around 20 degrees.  The coffee shops we loved.   It was very expensive, but we cooked a lot of meals  at home (great job, Catherine).  Highlights or memorable moments include the beautiful pools.  They take their aquatic experiences seriously.  Multiple pools that vary in temperature.  Coffee shops.  Wonderful food.  We loved Reykyavik, the capital.  The geysers,  the landscape,  the midnight sun.   For me my highlight was a hike up a mountain.  Not much English for signage so we didn’t know it was an hour hike one way,  up hill!    I was paranoid after my heart attack 8 months earlier.  We almost turned around.   Then an old couple strolled by and we thought “heck with IMG_20150711_183957it” and carried on.  The destination:  a mountain stream that was the temperature of bath water.   Was it worth it.  They had a little board walk and privacy walls where we put on a bathing suit.  Semi private.  We laid in that rolling river for almost an hour.   Wow.

Time with the daughters was the goal.   We laughed, we blabbed, we caught up.  We coffee’d a lot.  We strolled.   We experienced something very unique, together.

I would highly recommend Iceland.   The people are terrific.  The landscape fascinating.   Rich in history.  Easy to get around.  Credit cards used everywhere.  Just remember to save up a bit more cash.  It’s pricey.  But I guess the best things is life usually are.

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