Lunch with the President

Jan and I are at Zone 24 & 32 Institute in London Ontario for the week, a training event for Rotarians.   Our Zone covers most of Canada , some of Russia,  Bermuda, a bit of the USA and the French Islands off Newfoundland.   In Zone 24 and 32 there are 37 Districts.   My district is Rotary District 5370.  This is a week of training and education.  In the group are 45 District Governors such as I,  all DG’s in 2012 2013.  So there are 45 “classmates” all preparing for our year and more.   There are around 400 Rotarians here in London all learning and enjoying.  One of the nice things is meeting people like Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith and his wife Judy.   We lunched together. They are from Missouri, USA.

At this event we learned a lot.  For instance – young people in Interact and Rotaract (Rotary clubs for youth) don’t come to District Conference because – we don’t ask them!  Will work on that for my year!  We listened to a new evening Rotary Club trend.  A club for younger people, people with families, people young in their careers.  They meet at 6, food is an option,  child friendly, and more affordable. 

My classmates will meet again in Boston next August, and San Diego January, 2012 – as training continues down the road to the year we lead our Districts in 2012 2013.    A real honour to be with these people.  Not to mention – fun!

Other people here from our District include current DG Jackie (And Wayne) Hobal,  PDG Bruce (And Cheryl) Christensen, and of course DG Elect Harry (and Judy) Buddle.. and a few others.

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