Saying Good-Bye To Karly

Karly has her Rotary Exchange blazer on.

This morning we said good-bye to Karly at the Grande Prairie Airport. Karly will be on her Rotary Youth Exchange for a year outside of Tokyo, Japan. Her flight will be Edmonton, Vancouver, than Japan. In Japan she will attend high school, and live with 6 different families. Her Rotary District will provide orientation and guidance. Her 

Parting sisters

Rotary Club will be her host club and include her in activities.  Her year at school doesn’t count so she will do grade 12 when she comes home.  Mom and Dad won’t visit during her year, this is usually discouraged.  Karly will spend a year most of us only dream about.  She will learn a lot about a new culture, a new language, and no doubt – a lot about herself.  We will miss her dearly but it is an opportunity she made for herself. After 10 months of training, youth exchange workshops, a Japanese language tutor, attending Rotary events and exchange training – she is ready.  Good luck Karly!


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4 responses to “Saying Good-Bye To Karly

  1. Granma Nici

    The best to you Karly, did you have tears Kevin & Janice? I would have.

  2. Yep. Hard not to. An odd thing to say good bye to your daughter for a year. But she is in good hands!

  3. Will


    Fantastic experience….well done all.

    Enjoy your time in Japan Karly…looking forward to learn about your experiences.

    From the Dutch clan…currently visiting the Grand Canyon.

    Jolanda, Will, Janice & Bridget

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