Kev’s Work

Kevin is owner operator of Wave Media Inc., a media-communications business.    Wave Media does marketing consulting, negotiates and plans where ad materials will be used.  Then – Wave Media makes it happen whether it’s new media or traditional media.   Wave Media also has a few other areas of focus, including telephone message on hold systems.

Wave Media is licensed by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission as a Gaming Worker Supplier, and has two staff licensed as a Raffle Ticket Manager, including Kevin.  There are only around 15 AGLC licensed Raffle Ticket Managers in Alberta.

Kevin also has rental properties on Vancouver Island.  Feel free to visit Kev’s property website


2 responses to “Kev’s Work

  1. Hi Kevin,
    How do you go about becoming a licensed raffle ticket manager?

    • In Alberta you contact AGLC. You get a package from them that maps out what they want. They review your financial situation top to bottom. Mortgage, business accounts, every bank account you have. Criminal background checks, who owns what. It’s quite a stack. Then you usually get interviewed. This includes your spouse. Your kids details are included. In short they want to ensure you are on the up and up. And also (I gather) if your bank accounts suddenly swell, why? It’s quite an ordeal – but I have found – fair and there are reasons for it.

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