About Kev

Kevin Hilgers owns a media agency in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  He is married to Janice McNeice.  They have 2 lovely daughters.   Catherine attends McGill University in Montreal, after spending a year in Brazil on a Rotary Youth Exchange.  Karly too, is a member of the Rotary Youth Exchange program, being in Japan until the earthquake, then Brazil.  Karly is attending ACAD College in Calgary.

Kev and Jan are very health conscious.  They enjoy cycling and power walking and some yoga.  They believe red wine is a health food.

Kevin is active on Facebook.

Kev’s Pride and Joy


4 responses to “About Kev

  1. Suzanne

    Hi Kev, I live in London, ON. My son just found out that he is going to Japan with the Rotary Youth Exchange 2011-2012. Any advice for him or his parents!? Suzanne

  2. Betty

    Hi Kevin,
    It so shows that you are sucessful in your work with media. I love how you have set up your blog. This is my first peek at it.

    I will be asking one of our members to help me set up mine in the near future. Do you mind if I follow some of your format as it gives our members great insight into their leaders, is clean and easy to follow.